Foundations for Advanced Implant Dentistry: translating didactics into practice

Foundations for Advanced Implant Dentistry: translating didactics into practice

The aim of the course is to provide solid scientific foundations for evidence-based implant dentistry in relation to direct clinical applications. The clinicians will be able to implement these concepts in their daily practice, achieving continual high-quality implant dentistry and predictable treatment planning.

The course is structured in four modules and four lectures in order to provide a broad overview of the field, valuable for clinicians with different level of expertise.


  • Osseointegration and clinical implications;
  • Implant surfaces and design: differences and evaluations;
  • Immediate loading: biology and clinical decisions;
  • Evaluation and management of hard and soft tissues;
  • Treatment planning and implant biomechanics updated;
  • Soft tissue thickness and keratinized tissue, flap management;
  • Biology and microbiology of peri-implant tissues, the biofilm and differences/implications with natural dentition;
  • Evaluation of peri-implant tissues: biology, homeostasis, and clinical implications;
  • Prevention and management of implant failures and peri-implantitis;
  • Prosthetic and surgical consideration for long term clinical success, peri-implant non-surgical treatment;
  • Evidence and surgical treatment of peri-implantitis.


Part 1 Mod. 1A
1 ora e 21 minuti
Part 2 Mod 2A
55 minuti
Part 3 Mod 1B
1 ora e 15 minuti
Part 4 Mod 2B
1 ora e 42 minuti

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